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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pink is the Thing! (Wedding Trend 2014)

Have you all been watching the Olympics?  I love it all, however I must admit ice skating is my FAVORITE, whether it be singles, pairs, or ice dancers. Did you notice all the sumptuous pink costumes on the female ice dancers?

Thank You Nathalie Pechalat for wearing delicate little ribbons tied onto your arms. Your skating is a joy to watch.

Congratulations to Davis and White on their Gold Medal Performance.

And while we're on the subject, the Huffington Post Weddings has listed a new wedding trend as, you guessed it, pale, blush, luscious pink for wedding gowns, bridesmaids, and or ribbon sashes.
50 Shades of Pink Wedding Dresses by Anne Chertoff

Bridal fashion is a return to romance and a love of days gone by.
If pink is your thing for your wedding gown, check out our four-inch Swiss Double Faced Satin Ribbon  which makes a lovely bridal sash or our regular Double Faced Satin Ribbon for the rest of your wedding needs from invitations to pew bows.  

Yours truly,

The Ribbon Lady

Monday, February 10, 2014

Simple Fun Valentine's Day T-Shirt for Girls

This is a fun and simple craft to add interest to a t-shirt.

Equipment needed:
  • Sharp scissors
  • An iron
  • Heat n Bond (purchase from craft store)
  • An assortment of at least three ribbons of varied widths
  • 8-1/2 x 11 inch piece of cardboard for your heart template
  • An old towel
  • Glue dots

suggested ribbons:
    grosgrain pinks (tulip and azelea)
    lt. pink Swiss mini dots
    white with pink argyle ribbon

1. Cut your ribbons ribbons to slightly overlap your piece of cardboard.   
    Note: I made two hearts fit on my cardboard template 
2. Cut a piece of Heat n Bond to size of the ribbons. Press ribbons onto Heat n Bond according to directions (paper down rough side up ) Protect your ironing board with old cotton cloth or tea towel while you do apply the Heat n Bond.
 Hint:  I use glue dots to hold ribbon in place until I have one end of ribbons pressed and attached.

3. Trace shape of design (hearts) onto the back (paper side)

4. Cut out shape and remove paper --now you may press and or stitch your hearts onto the t-shirt.

Think Shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day with shades of green combo, then comes the Easter Eggs!

the Ribbon Lady

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Clever Idea for Wedding Place Card Holders

The peaches have been so wonderful this year that I thought you may want to use them as a place card marker, "for the peachy couple". You can go one step further and wrap an apple for the appleing couple, and then there is the perfect pear, in the spring a small bowl of berries would herald you are the berries. I think a top banana would look odd unless you are having a tropical wedding. come on you clever Facebook fans , come up with some more for me.
Then, you could give a small jar of peach marmalade (or apple or pear conserves) for the favor...
Ingredients for the peach place card holder :
A perfect peach
 8" of 2 1/4" light coral double face satin (or use color of your choice)
12" of 1/8" grosgrain ribbon, I used kiwi (or use color of your choice)
Green card stock for the leaves
I used a cookie cutter to trace my leaves--you artists can do freehand.
One small bamboo skewer---to enlarge the hole in the leaves, a paper punch is too big
Wrap the larger ribbon around the peach
secure with a twist tie.   Tie the grosgrain ribbon around the twist tie site, then get rid of the twist tie.
Cut leaves, print names on leaves, attach to the grossgrain ribbon.
Viola, a perfectly peachy place card holder.
Perhaps you could use a granny smith apple for Granny's Party.

The Ribbon Lady