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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Clever Idea for Wedding Place Card Holders

The peaches have been so wonderful this year that I thought you may want to use them as a place card marker, "for the peachy couple". You can go one step further and wrap an apple for the appleing couple, and then there is the perfect pear, in the spring a small bowl of berries would herald you are the berries. I think a top banana would look odd unless you are having a tropical wedding. come on you clever Facebook fans , come up with some more for me.
Then, you could give a small jar of peach marmalade (or apple or pear conserves) for the favor...
Ingredients for the peach place card holder :
A perfect peach
 8" of 2 1/4" light coral double face satin (or use color of your choice)
12" of 1/8" grosgrain ribbon, I used kiwi (or use color of your choice)
Green card stock for the leaves
I used a cookie cutter to trace my leaves--you artists can do freehand.
One small bamboo skewer---to enlarge the hole in the leaves, a paper punch is too big
Wrap the larger ribbon around the peach
secure with a twist tie.   Tie the grosgrain ribbon around the twist tie site, then get rid of the twist tie.
Cut leaves, print names on leaves, attach to the grossgrain ribbon.
Viola, a perfectly peachy place card holder.
Perhaps you could use a granny smith apple for Granny's Party.

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