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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Napkin Rings

Difficulty Level:  Easy

All you need for this simple craft is:

Step 1.  Measure the interior length of the double ruffle ribbon (the part that isn't the ruffle).
Step 2.  Mark the same length on the paper towel roll creating 4-6 rings.(Make 1 extra)
Step 3.  Use your exacto knife to cut the paper towel roll into rings.

Step 4.  Take the extra ring and cut it lengthwise to measure.
Step 5.  Once you have that measurement, cut 4-6 lengths of the double ruffle ribbon.  Attach to cardboard rings with craft glue.  If using a glue gun, place small beads of glue on the cardboard rings and not long lengths of glue. 
Step 6. (Optional).  Dress the rings up further with a contrasting ribbon as pictured above.  (be sure it is thinner than the double ruffle ribbon of course). 


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