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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Candle Surround-Waxpaper and ribbon project

Here's an very economical way to dress up any buffet table or party.  It's called a candle surround because it surrounds a candle. Let's get right to it.

Cut eight pieces of waxed paper into 4" x 4"squares.

Cut eight four-inch lengths of ribbon.  Carefully place your ribbon between the first two layers and iron until they stick together.

Now lay all 4 squares evenly side by side and wrong side up.  Attach them to each other using low tack artist tape. It is a good choice to blend with the wax paper.

Trim any excess tape level with the edge of the wax paper.

If desired, before forming your square, you can trim top and bottom.  I used our non wired black and white checked ribbon in 1/4" pictured below.

Use one of the stitch tapes from your local craft store, such as Heat and Bond, or Stitch Witchery. Works like a charm.

Form your square, join it with another piece of low tack artist tape,and here is the end result.

A good suggestion is to use flickering led lights in these, I did use a tea light in a glass holder, it seemed to do fine. Do remember this is a piece of paper,use good judgement.

If using outdoors, wind will affect the flame so you may want to weight your candle surround with metal washers or coins placed inside the surround.  

I am going to do more using Autumn leaves and crayons and trimming with autumnal ribbons. I have to wait for the Autumn Leaves,(sing it Nat King Cole) but that won't be long!!


Tape such as Low Tack Artist tape
   Fleur De Lis* available from Over the Moon contact for details*
   Black and White gingham check 1/4"
Craft glue or no stitch tape
Wax paper

One can use any combination of ribbon, decals or trim to make this project truly personalized.

The Ribbon Lady

*Fleur de Lis is one of our newer ribbons not yet on the website .There are 3 yds per roll, 7/8" wide.
 Cost is $2.25 per roll. To order contact Alice 


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