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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer fun with Sarah

In July every year we are blessed with a visit from our granddaughter.  She lives in Florida and we are in Pennsylvania. Usually it is like coming to air-conditioning, but not this year.  Hot hot hot!

We always try to sneak a week or two in to visit Ocean Grove NJ.  More about that in a later blog.  The ocean breeze was wonderful and a relief from the heat.

This year's visit was filled with shopping and more shopping. During these events Sarah was drawn to the sashes and hair bands with flowers and trim. The "Ribbon Granny" (yours truly) sprang into action suggesting we have a craft day: results--Sarah proudly presents our accomplishments.

We added flowers, feathers and butterflies, and carefully made sure we had the correct ribbon to go with the varied outfits we had purchased.

We both agreed most of it worked well with jeans, but equally with the dresses and skirts we purchased.

Once into the stash of ribbons we couldn't stop ourselves.  One of our favorites is the zebra headband with black and white feathers. 

After taking a measurement of her head size,  Sarah stitched a length of zebra ribbon together so there was a finished side on the back as well as the front. we added a small piece of elastic to join the ends together making it possible to slip into place on her head. When all the stitching was complete, we glued the feathers into place.

We made a matching sash that will be great with her black dress, or jeans.

What a wonderful time we had together, and it was fun to watch my granddaughter following in my footsteps!

Alice the Ribbon Lady

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