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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wedding Ideas for Summer Brides

As summer is approaching I wanted to share some good stuff with all the future brides.  Just a note of interest... did you know October has almost surged ahead of June for the public's favorite month to get married?

I want to share with you two of our popular wedding items. One is our lavender hearts in two sizes.
The other being our rice flower candle rings.  The candle rings can double as napkin rings, or be taken home as the favors.

lavender ribbon added
white double face satin
I first want to show you the beautiful lavender wreath. Ta da.

We added our own Over the Moon ribbons. We chose one in all white double face satin and the other with some orchid unwired sheer (on sale for June) added to the white double face satin.

The pictured heart wreaths, shown above, are both 11" wreaths. they would look lovely on your own front door, or on the doors of a wedding ceremony site.   Please don't discount using our smaller 9" wreaths on the windows of the wedding site, or think how pretty they would be on the mirrors, or doors in the ladies room at the reception. I love using the delicate organza ribbon along with a narrow width of double face satin on the smaller wreaths. You may want to consider using a few fresh or good quality silk flowers at the center of the bow,just a little extra touch.  Note: ( the bows have been attached using pearl head pins.)

Picture a shower gift or gift card, with one of the beautiful lavender heart wreaths attached.

napkin ring and candle rings together
Now on to the three inch  mini candle rings/napkin rings".  I like to add a 1/8" ribbon to the ring just to give it a special touch. Pictured is a grosgrain ribbon, however double face satin or sheer would be lovely as well. Remember earlier I mentioned that the ring can serve as a favor?   I would have them nicely wrapped in a basket that the guests can help themselves to at the end of the reception.

1/8 " apple green double faced satin

If you feel it is too difficult to add ribbons to the heart wreath or candle rings, that is something we can do for you at Over the Moon Ribbons.  Contact us.

We look forward to hearing from all of you brides, mothers of brides, maids of honor, and brides maids.

The Ribbon Lady

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