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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Role of Ribbon in the television Series--The Tudors

Beautiful jacquard on Anne of Cleeves played by Joss Stone.
Double faced satin woven into the shoulders of Lady Mary.
Hi all.  My daughter, who is our photographer, graphic designer and cheerleader for our business is a huge fan of historical dramas and loved the costumes on the Tudors which she just streamed with her new Roku box.  Costume designer Joan Bergin has been heralded for the parade of eye candy costumes in this series.  My daughter said she had to wait a long time to see it, but finally in the last episode of season three, ribbon was incorporated in so much of the costumes.  Epaulettes on the visiting Prince Phillip, an intricate weaving of ribbon at the shoulder of Lady Mary and a wide jacquard ribbon across the breastbone of Anne of Cleeves.

 The opening episode of season four continued to  celebrate ribbon with velvets, double faced satins and stunning jacquards.  The show is a visual feast to begin with and we would be honored to supply a drama or series such with ribbon from Over the Moon Ribbons for their costumes.

Read more about the costumes on the Tudors site.

Season Four:  Both king and queen sport ribbon on their costumes.

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