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Sunday, December 11, 2011

How To Make a Beautiful Faux Poinsettia

Whether you are decorating your Christmas tree, adding color to your packages, or using it for table decor, this easy-to-make poinsettia is sure to please.  I used Over the Moon Ribbons Elite red velvet for this particular poinsettia , however, you may choose to use any color that will work with your decor.

What you will need:
  • between 1-1/2 and 2-1/2 inch wired ribbon
  • sharp scissors
  • craft glue (Sobo) or glue gun
  • small beads or berries that simulate the stamen of a flower (any craft store will have these in the silk flower section)or a sparkly piece of jewelry
  • 12-inch piece wire or 1 pipe cleaner

Step 1:  cut 4 pieces of  ribbon approximately 8 inches long
Step 2:  cut 4 pieces of ribbon approximately 6 inches  long
Step 3:  take each piece of ribbon and cut a point on each end
Step 4:  start with the longer pieces of ribbon.  Fan out into a flower shape.  Squeeze all of them at the center.  While continuing to squeeze, add the shorter pieces on top.  (If it looses it's shape, don't  worry, you can reshape).
Step 5:  Fold wire in half, fold side at top of flower.  Now add the wire or pipe cleaner to your flower twisting as tight as you can at bottom of faux flower.
Step 6:  Glue the berries or  jewelry to center of flower (glue gun or craft glue (Sobo) will work fine.

For a video tutorial with additional tips, try our extremely popular video:

The Ribbon Lady

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