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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter on the Ribbon Lady's Mountain

Hello everyone one, and Happy New Year.

It is a beautiful, snowy day her in the mountains of Pennsylvania.  I felt compelled to snap a few pictures to share with you. They show you the beauty of our winter.

I am one of those few that actually enjoys winter. I love the shorter days, the shadows in the snow by 4 pm, the frozen ponds, good food by a crackling fire, the snowy days when everything is canceled along with the conversations at Rosie's (the local spot for breakfast)"Did you get out ok?  Do you plan on going over the mountain? Did they Plow Fox Gap yet? Are there  really people out on the Appellation Trail?"
Ask me in March if I still feel the same. Last year we had 100 inches, it did get a bit waring by March.

I took a picture of the bird frenzy at one of the feeders,  our little evergreen at night, and the kids enjoying the frozen Tarn. (Scottish for Pond.)

I have a lot more, but I didn't think you would want to look at 100 pictures of what I deem beautiful.

Here at Over the Moon we are thinking spring. Here is a picture of  a very small sampling of what is coming to the website. We will be featuring lots of checks and dots, as well as some jacquards and woven ribbons from France.

If you haven't visited our Swiss Double Faced Satin Ribbon do so--it is truly luxurious and comes in luscious colors.

Look forward to more blogs from me in 2011 (one of my resolutions), keep your creative juices flowing.

a.k.a The Ribbon Lady

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