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Monday, February 28, 2011

Over the Moon in Honduras

Two years ago I joined a mission group and visited a little mountain place in San Buena Ventura, Honduras. It is a children’s home of 68 kids rescued from the streets to a home of love, food, shelter and hope!  The name of this special place is the Lamb Institute.
During that trip, members of the group were presented with an opportunity to sponsor a child. My husband and I decided it was the least we could do for these little angels, and we chose a little boy named Alexander.

This year I decided to take Over the Moon to Honduras, and packed one large suitcase full of Over the Moon Ribbons.
WOW, I never expected the response I received all the girls ended up with 2-3 hair bows, as well as creating belts for themselves with ribbon and beads-----even the boys wanted them for their “tutors (house mothers) It did seem strange to me that they were claiming to have  3 to 4 tutors when I knew there was only one, but I let them think they could pull one over on me because they were having so much fun doing it!

Then came the big day----One of the young ladies of Lamb Institute was getting married and could not afford a wedding until one of the members of our visiting group, I will call him ST, paid for her to have a wedding in the magnificent chapel.  

There were two wedding specialists along including me.  We engaged the children and set to work using the few resources we had brought along.  Most of the items had been purchased ahead in Honduras, thanks to ST. 

We wanted it to be a wedding that they loved, and not one we imposed on them.
The wedding was Over the Moon, nothing to do with ribbons, only to do with a rag-tag bunch of nine volunteers who truly cared about making this world a better place to live.

Thank You to the Charleston Mission Group for your southern hospitality to this Yankee!
If you would like to know more about our adventure, and how you can help, contact me at ribbonlady.

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