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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ribbons "Down the Shore"

The Ribbon Lady and family had the pleasure of two weeks "down the shore" in Ocean Grove NJ.  I am always looking for fellow ribbon lovers, and the quaint little Victorian town of Ocean Grove delivered.

Ocean Grove is one mile square with a huge Methodist Auditorium and "tent city"smack dab in the middle where traditionally, the Methodists lived to be close to the church. You can still hear the large choirs as you walk by.  The town and auditorium date back to the 1800's, it's only been in the past 20 years that the town has allowed people to drive on Sunday.  Go to http://www.oceangrovenj/,  for a more extensive description of the town. One visit there and you will fall in love.  You just feel like any minute John Phillip Sousa,and 76 trombones will  come marching down the street all at the same time, while playing Stars and Stripes Forever!

Lovely Victorian wreaths, red white and blue buntings,and charming "painted ladies" abound.  Of course there were lovely ribbons on the wreaths, one home had celebrated a graduation with school colored ribbons all along their white picked fence, but my personal favorite was the basket of impatience, with the double face satin ribbons streaming from the planter.

So my friends as summer starts to fade, I will remember fondly our special family time "down the shore" in Ocean Grove.

What is your favorite summer time memory?

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